MK Breakers enter exciting partnership with Lokkaroom.

MK Breakers fans can now connect with their club in a way they have never been able to before, as the club launches its own Lokkaroom.

Recently promoted to Division 2 of the NBL and boasting a 950+ strong youth set-up, the Milton Keynes Breakers are now working with TMA Sport to deliver products, activities and rewards that take their fan experience to the next level.

Launching in March 2023, the MK Breakers Lokkaroom will deliver a holistic, immersive digital experience; offering digital ticketing, physical merchandise, exclusive fan rewards, collectibles (NFTs) and live votes, with additional features such as global membership programmes, fractional ownership, and members-only auctions expected to be rolled out at a later date.

Offering a deeper way to connect, engage and support the club, on and off the court, the MK Breakers premium membership programme provides fans with exclusive access to a members-only lounge, stocked full of unseen content and perks.

Alongside memberships, the MK Breakers will also be launching a series of digital collections, giving friends, family, fans and speculators the opportunity to own and trade collectibles of their favourite players, highlight moments and pieces of club history.

The final feature available on launch is live voting – giving fans the platform to get involved in the club’s biggest talking points throughout the 2023/24 season.

Powered by Hedera – one of the most advanced, secure and carbon negative decentralized ledgers – Lokkaroom provides a central hub for fans to access exclusive content, earn rewards, collect their favourite players and vote on the club’s biggest talking points.

Join the MK Breakers Lokkaroom for free.

Purchase tickets for the MK Breakers playoff game via Lokkaroom here.

Visit Lokkaroom’s website to find out how they could help your club grow.

About Lokkaroom®:
Lokkaroom® enables organizations, clubs and athletes of all sports to create their own sustainable digital economies by enhancing the fan experience.

Developed by TMA Sport, Lokkaroom® adopts the very best emerging technologies to enhance the fan experience; offering digital ticketing, memberships, collectibles, votes and rewards in one easy-to-use platform.

Lokkaroom®, powered by Hedera – one of the most advanced, secure and carbon negative decentralized ledgers – takes athlete, club and fan participation to a whole new level.

About MK Breakers:
The MK Breakers are a professional basketball team based in Milton Keynes that boast a talented men’s roster that compete in Division 3 of the NBL. They also have a strong youth set-up, offering basketball to 950+ local boys and girls through their community participation programme.

The club is dedicated to delivering an exceptional game-day experience and raising the profile of Milton Keynes as a major UK basketball destination.