Breakers Community Basketball League (CBL) is back for 2023/24 season

The Breakers CBL is an intraclub league which offers members of our 6 community clubs access to local competition on a weekly basis, providing games for U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16 players.

Following a highly successful first season for the Breakers Community Basketball League (CBL), the MK Breakers are delighted to announce Brioche Pasquier UK as the league sponsor for the 2023/24 season.

Brioche Pasquier is a family run company originating from the West of France. Since 1974, when 5 brothers started the company, they have become the No.1 brand in the market. Brioche Pasquier produce Viennoiserie (brioche, pain au chocolat & croissant) & Patisserie products in France, UK, USA & Spain, across 17 factories with around 3,500 employees, and sell into 35 countries worldwide.

Current Standings

PosTeamPlayedWinsLossesPts ForPts AgainstDiffPts
1Breakers U1355030714716010
2Leighton Buzzard541247165829


Under 14 CBL Fixtures

All games played at Bletchley Leisure Centre, MK2 2HQ. Home teams will always play in Black, and away teams in Red.

DateTipHome AwayVenueResult
9th March 202414:00BletchleyvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC56-36
9th March 202414:00ShenleyvsStantonburyCourt 2, BLC29-39
9th March 202415:00Leighton BuzzardvsBreakers U13Court 1, BLC20-42
9th March 202415:00BletchleyvsShenleyCourt 2, BLC55-48
23rd March 202413:00Leighton BuzzardvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC38-22
23rd March 202413:00Breakers U13vsStantonburyCourt 2, BLC59-48
23rd March 202414:00BletchleyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC29-78
23rd March 202414:00Breakers U13vsShenleyCourt 2, BLC70-22
6th April 202412:00StantonburyvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC65-31
6th April 202412:00BletchleyvsBreakers U13Court 2, BLC32-62
6th April 202413:00StantonburyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC38-52
6th April 202413:00OakgrovevsShenleyCourt 2, BLC74-24
13th April 2024


BletchleyvsStantonburyCourt 1, BLC45-49
13th April 202411:00ShenleyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC34-59
13th April 202411:00OakgrovevsBreakers U13Court 2, BLC25-74
11th May 202412:00BletchleyvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC 
11th May 202413:00Leighton BuzzardvsBreakers U13Court 1, BLC 
11th May 202413:00ShenleyvsStantonburyCourt 2, BLC 
11th May 202414:00Leighton BuzzardvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC 
11th May 202414:00BletchleyvsShenleyCourt 2, BLC 
11th May 202415:00Breakers U13vsStantonburyCourt 2, BLC 
25th May 202414:00ShenleyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC 
25th May 202414:00OakgrovevsBreakers U13Court 2, BLC 
25th May 202415:00BletchleyvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC 
25th May 202415:00ShenleyvsStantonburyCourt 2, BLC 
25th May 202416:00BletchleyvsStantonburyCourt 1, BLC 
25th May 202416:00Breakers U13vsShenleyCourt 2, BLC 
15th June 202414:00Leighton BuzzardvsBreakers U13Court 1, BLC 
15th June 202414:00BletchleyvsShenleyCourt 2, BLC 
15th June 202415:00Leighton BuzzardvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC 
15th June 202415:00Breakers U13vsStantonburyCourt 2, BLC 
22nd June 202412:00BletchleyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC 
22nd June 202413:00StantonburyvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC 
22nd June 202413:00Breakers U13vsShenleyCourt 2, BLC 
22nd June 202414:00StantonburyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC 
22nd June 202414:00BletchleyvsBreakers U13Court 2, BLC 
22nd June 202415:00OakgrovevsShenleyCourt 2, BLC 
29th June 202412:00BletchleyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC 
29th June 202413:00StantonburyvsOakgroveCourt 1, BLC 
29th June 202413:00BletchleyvsBreakers U13Court 2, BLC 
29th June 202414:00StantonburyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC 
29th June 202414:00OakgrovevsShenleyCourt 2, BLC 
29th June 202415:00BletchleyvsStantonburyCourt 1, BLC 
29th June 202415:00OakgrovevsBreakers U13Court 2, BLC 
29th June 202416:00ShenleyvsLeighton BuzzardCourt 1, BLC 

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